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New release available: 2022-07-31 "Igor". upgrade now! [52.2] (what's this?)

step by step installation KIT GxFS Storage Appliance

setup httpd webserver on admin server

  • configure httpd to use a non standard port as the GPFS GUI conflicts with this one

get GPFS software and copy it to addons repository

  • get the Spectrum Scale software package in the needed version and flavour (here Standard x64
  • start the install binary package
  • accept the license
  • cd /usr/lpp/mmfs/
  • cp -rp /usr/lpp/mmfs/*rpm {wwwroot}/addons
  • cp -rp /usr/lpp/mmfs/*rpm {wwwroot}/addons
  • cp -rp /usr/lpp/mmfs/*rpm {wwwroot}/addons

get Santricity software and copy it to addons repository

  • get SMutil and SMruntime in the most recent version from NetApp website
  • copy the rpm packages to {wwwroot}/addons

setup yum repository files in /etc/yum.repos.d

yum -y install gpfs*rpm
mmbuildgpl --build-package (solve possible issues with missing packages complained by mmbuildgpl)
cp rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/gpfs.gplbin*rpm {wwwroot}/addons

create yum repository from the addons directory

  • yum install createpepo
  • createrepo –basedir {wwwroot}/addons –database {wwwroot}/addons
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