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licenses sold

This table contains the current IBM Spectrum Scale licenses in operation. The table is not completely filled yet. Missing data needs to be amended.

CustomerProject NumberAmount server licsAmount client licsDate issuedTotal duration covered
KU Leuven P14-2078 STD1164 STDDec 20154 years
ICM P15-0908 STD Mar 20163 years
KIT/IMK P15-1658 STD108 STDMar 20165 years
ICM P15-1818 STD Mar 20163 years
CAU P15-2114 STD8 STDMar 20163 years
Daimler/Kaiser P15-2158 EXP290 EXPJun 20164 years
DWD P16-01336 STD36 STDOct 20162 years (2y opt)
KIT/GridKa P16-07730 STD2 STDNov 20164 years

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update: — Alexander Menck 2016/09/22 09:37

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