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Redhat Enterprise Linux Subscription handling

optional: The LSDF systems don't have direkt internet access, a proxy has to be used. Squid is installed on LSDF-gxfsadmin.

subscription-manager config --server.proxy_hostname= --server.proxy_port=3128

KIT system can be subscribed at RHEL using the following command

[root@f01-127-121 ~]# subscription-manager register --activationkey=gridka-storage --org=4739047
The system has been registered with ID: 71ed72de-c0bc-42f5-962a-dcd6cd9090fb 

Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status:       Subscribed

[root@f01-127-121 ~]# 

After the registering the system the according RHEL subscribtion ID can be displayed with the following command:

[root@f01-127-121 ~]# subscription-manager identity
system identity: 71ed72de-c0bc-42f5-962a-dcd6cd9090fb
org name: 4739047
org ID: 4739047
[root@f01-127-121 ~]# 

This ID should be saved to be able to reregister the system after a new setup from scratch.

To reregister the system after a new setup refer to the following link:

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