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New release available: 2022-07-31 "Igor". upgrade now! [52.2] (what's this?)

problems with dnsmasq

In the log can be seen, that perceus-dnsmasq actually receives the bootp/ dhcp package but it is ignored. perceus-dnsmasq is configured to ignore bootp/ dhcp requests from hosts that it doesn't know (actually which are not in it's /etc/perceus/ethers file)

verified that lxc3-perceus database is in sync with lxdaemon: the following command should not output anything

lxc3-node-provdb -d

send perceus-dnsmasq a HUP signal to force it to reread its ethers file

kill -s SIGHUP $(pidof perceus-dnsmasq)

on more recent versions of lxc3-perceus:

last thing to check is if the compute node in question is enabled

lxc3 node summary <node-name> 

in case node is disable, enable it with

lxc3 node set enabled 1 <node-name>

Note: nodes that are disabled are marked with a # character in /etc/perceus/ ethers, e.g. vnode1 is disabled, vnode2 is enabled

#52:54:00:99:AA:59 vnode1
52:54:00:96:75:99 vnode2

By looking at other nodes we discovered that some got the bootp/dhcp but failed to retrieve pxelinux.0 via TFTP. The reason for that was that the TFTP part (and only the TFTP part) of perceus-dnsmask was hanging. This could be seen since there were a static list of open connections from client hosts (ss -ulnp | grep dnsmasq). Thus just restarting perceus-dnsmasq (crm resource restart perceus-dnsmasq) cured the problem.

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